Recessed Lighting and Adding Outlets

Is the interior of your West Jordan home darker than you’d like it to be? Whether it’s due to the angle of your house in relation to the path of the sun, a profusion of trees, small or poorly placed windows or another reason, the electricians at Momentum Electric can help. We can install extra lighting and outlets in your home to make it a brighter, more cheerful place to live.

Recessed Lighting Installation in West Jordan

Basements are notoriously dark because they are below grade. Some homeowners whose houses are built into the side of a hill are lucky enough to have one basement wall above grade, possibly equipped with sliding glass doors. But this isn’t common, and it’s not quite enough to light the space properly.

Basements are the perfect spaces for recessed lighting installation. In West Jordan, many homes have basements, and homeowners want the best lighting solution for the space. The reason recessed lighting is a preferred choice in basements is because basement ceilings are often lower than ceilings in rooms above grade. Ceilings in typical living spaces are 8 feet high, although they can be higher. In basements, however, ceilings are often lower, due to a lack of space. In West Jordan, code calls for a minimum of 7 ½-foot ceilings in basements.

Six inches might not seem like much of a difference, but when you’re choosing lighting, fixtures can get dangerously close to the heads of tall occupants. Thus, recessed lighting is a popular choice. It looks clean, stylish and bright, and it’s safe at the same time.

Lighting Fixtures for West Jordan Homes

In other rooms in your house, you have more flexibility. Pendant lighting is nice over a kitchen island, and much more attractive than florescent lights. Adding ceiling fans with lights to bedrooms makes these rooms not only brighter, but also cooler.

Chandeliers are perfect in dining rooms and foyers. To really brighten up a space like a living room or family room, consider track lighting. It’s both bright and adjustable.

Adding Electrical Outlets

Another way to brighten up your home is by having our electricians add outlets to your rooms. If your home is on the older side, it may not have as many outlets as you’d like. That means you either don’t have as many lamps as you want, or you’re using lots of power strips, which is not the safest way to light a home.

Our electricians can install more outlets, and we can also install specialized outlets needed for some items such as appliances, hot tubs and exercise equipment.

Bringing a home up to date with new electrical outlets may require an electrical panel upgrade in your West Jordan home as well. Electrical panels more than 20 years old have trouble meeting today’s needs for electricity.

Top Choice for Electricians in West Jordan

Whether you want to brighten up your home with recessed lighting installation, get an electrical panel upgrade or you have electrical repair needs, rely on the team at Momentum Electric. We are licensed, bonded and insured.